Re: NVDA with Win10 or Win11?


Hi all,

I think it is helpful to know what sighted peers are saying regarding Windows 10 versus 11 - my own sources (including Windows Central and analyzing Windows Insider Program blog posts uses visual imagery to convey information); what's needed is teaching blind people about how to translate information to a form that can be understood in temrs of screen reader usage.

Also, one thing that does affect screen readers: taskbar icons such as Start and program icons are now seen as UI Automation controls by NVDA. In Windows 10, taskbar icons are exposed as MSAA objects, whereas they are UIA objects in Windows 11. Among other things, this prevented mouse and touch users from interacting with taskbar icons effectively in Windows 11 (resolved as of NVDA 2022.2). The change from MSAA to UIA is due to the GUI toolkit used to code Windows 11 user interface as Windows 11 brought parts of Windows 10 and now canceled Windows 10 X interfaces.



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