Re: Outlook crash navigating by line



In addition to sending a debug log to NV Access (info@...), try after restarting with add-ons disabled. The error fragment sounds like NVDA wants something from Outlook as reported by UI Automation but somehow it doesn't go through. The line that says "an event was unable to invoke any of its subscribers" is encountered when NVDA does not realize that the app you were using has crashed and still thinks it can get something from the app. The second line "operation unavailable" indicates that NVDA was trying to get something from Outlook without realizing that the operation isn't supported in older Outlook versions.

Based on the log fragment and the version of Outlook reported, it looks like somehow NVDA is told to use UI Automation to access Microsoft Word documents. This works better with later Outlook releases, specifically in build 16.0.13901 and later. Note that Outlook may embed a Microsoft Word document control when displaying email content, and if NVDA is told to use UIA to access Word, NVDA will rely on UI Automation when you read email messages. I think this is as far as I can go when it comes to explaining the traceback to users.



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