Re: Outlook crash navigating by line



This issue is more towards a combination of Outlook and NVDA: Outlook because UIA implementation is not that solid in older releases, and NVDA since it doesn't support older Outlook releases as far as UIA support is concerned (more towards Microsoft Word really). This is reflected in NVDA's own source code which states that UIA support is usable with Microsoft 365 build 16.0.13901 and later (released a year or so ago). I would put more emphasis on Outlook based on NVDA source code statement.

As for what NVDA developers will do with it, I don't know for sure (as I don't work for NV Access), but I think at this point they might ask you to update to a newer Microsoft 365 or Office 2021 release (I do see that you've got Office 2019 activated with a volume license key; source: Office security updates release notes). I doubt developers will do anything with it at this point.



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