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Sarah k Alawami

Yes, you do, I found the scans easy, however I do have a 30 inch monitor I’m using so that helps. You also have to scan after each update which is silly, it is what it is though. Once you scan the app works quite well using nvda.


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The following tutorial is for the desk top version of whats app. Not sure if they integrated so you can use a mic yet? as the tutorial was written when it first appeared.


I can in the next day or so see if it is there and can be enabled? I just can not remember if I was able to then?


t probably needs editing and can not remember if it went to the website or not it is for the web/app version of the program.


The drop box link so you can get it is

I use it on my mobile phone now and talk to people with voice that way as the phone is always with me.


hope it helps.


I just tried the version with windows 10 from the store but could nto get past the first screen. I am guessing you have to also scan in first before it gives access to it.


Gene nz


On 18/11/2022 6:40 am, hurrikennyandopo ... wrote:

Hi Gene


That tutorial is for the web version of that program.


Gene nz


On 18/11/2022 12:05 am, Gene wrote:

The Microsoft Store is a Metro App, not a traditional web site. 

I haven't needed to use it so I just looked at it and played with it somewhat.  I'll probably play with it some more but in order to use it well and understand what you are doing, you may well need some instruction.

Here is a discussion of how to use it.


On 11/17/2022 1:22 AM, Christo de Klerk wrote:

Goodness, man, it is as simple as typing "whatsapp" in MS Store, pressing Enter on the button to download and in stall it and you're done. That version of WhatsApp works beautifully with NVDA, no accessibility issues, no need even for browse mode. I prefer it to the phone version. Technology evolves. Open your mind; you cannot remain stuck in the past, especially not if there are good and accessible new alternatives. You don't need someone to fix the problem for you ASAP; you can do it yourself.






On 2022/11/17 04:04 am, z9zyt0@... wrote:

I hate using the windows store, I need someone to fix this problem ASAP.


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