Re: Issue with whatsapp

Sarah k Alawami

Uh, that is 100 percent not true. I use store apps all the time, and I would have seen more complaints like this on cnet. Maybe on your system, if I've been using store apps for the past 6 or so years, why have I had not these issues? I would take Microsoft store apps any day over other sources when possible. In fact if NVDA comes to MSStore, which will probably be when I'm old grey and dead, I'd use that as that is a trusted and vetted resource for apps.

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On 17 Nov 2022, at 14:24, z9zyt0@... wrote:

The problem is that using the store apps consumes a lot of resources, my computer becomes slow, and in general, it is very common to have errors in the store after a while. so if I get to use the store's whatsapp, it won't be because I really want to use it.
It is well known that Windows Store generates thousands of errors that mostly require system formatting.
In addition, they are applications that require necessary processes in the system, such as runtimebroker or some task scheduler tasks.

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