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Mallard <mallard@...>

Ciao Pranav,

Thanks for testing.

I'm afraid these horrors appear once you're actually logged in. M yson saw them too, and blocked them for me.
Now I'm fine on this page, but I wonder whether it would be possible to do someghing about them more in general. Either through an add-on for NVDA, or by making it easier to adjust in Adblock Plus.
I must study this seriously...

Ciao again,

Il 18/03/2016 01:04, Pranav Lal ha scritto:

I am using nvda 2016.1 with firefox on windows 10 professional. I did find one refresh take place but that was all. There does appear to be something on the page. I do have a braille display connected but I was able to navigate amongst the links without problems.


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Gene and all,

If you want to try this site without loggging inn, do the following:

And then find a link called

visita il supermercato

and click on it.

Youll get Carousel in action there...

Ciao, and thanks.

Il 17/03/2016 16:05, Mallard ha scritto:
Yes, I'm afraid you have to log in. I thought about that after I sent
the link.

It does refresh, indeed it does!!!
But, the point is blocking Carousel.
If there are programmers around the place, they should know what I mean.

Thanks for trying...

Il 17/03/2016 14:35, Gene ha scritto:
It doesn't refresh here using Firefox. I didn't log in because I am
not registered. I went to the address you gave and no refreshes
occurred. I followed the link that said "enter", as I understand the
Italian word. there too, no refreshes occurred.
I can't test with IE11, if that is what you are using. I don't have it.
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Sure! <>

Don't take into account the fact that the pade is in Italian; the
point is that it keeps refreshing, and you can see that very easily.


Il 17/03/2016 13:18, Gene ha scritto:
Can you give a link to a page where this happens?
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Hello all,

Is there a way of blocking/removing Carousel from web pages with NVDA?

My son helped me get rid of it on an online supermarket, but he
tells me
he did it via Adblock, and wouldn't know how to make me do it in an
accessible way.

This constant refresh of web pages is really annoying. I know I
mentioned this before, but I didn't know that the problem is caused
by Carousel...

If anyone has any suggestions, they'll be very welcome.
Thanks a lot.
ps: Would this be material for a possible add-on?

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