Re: spell checking


I don't use Thunderbird but if you used f7 in the past, that command should run the spell checker now.  Running the spell checker isn't a screen-reader command.  It is a command of the e-mail program and it should not change and should work regardless of screen-reader being used.  It should work even if no screen-reader is being used. 
The time command is the same as that in JAWS, insert, if that is what you are using as the modifier and f12.  If you are using a different command, perhaps you used the laptop layout in JAWS.  I don't know if the command is different in that layout.
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From: Melissa Galbraith
Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2016 3:53 PM
Subject: [nvda] spell checking

I'm using thunderbird and have spelling errors.  This gets pointed out
to my by buzzes, but how in the world to I spellcheck.  I used to just
use the F7 comand.

Also, I've tried to check the time, but the command I try doesn't work. 
I tried to follow the command list, but something isn't clicking.  I
guess I just get fed up because I'm so used to using jaws.  It spoined me.


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