Re: How can I remove all descriptions that define the format of a document in NVDA?


The only way you can do any of what you want to do now is to use the speech dictionary.  While you wouldn't want to have single words like button silenced, phrases that you never run across such as can be edited, can be silenced without you missing text. 

You said we shouldn't suggest that you use the speech dictionary.  I'm simply pointing out that you have a choice, either do nothing or use the speech dictionary in ways that won't interfere with words you will run across in general use.  You certainly aren't going to run across can be edited or some other phrases you don't want spoken in general use.  You can use the dictionary to silence those phrases without conflicts.

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please do not suggest me to add the words in the dictionary as doing so may conflict with some words that might be important
Don't meddle in my personal business either. If I want to avoid annoying document format ads, you shouldn't tell me it's not a good idea just because you think I won't know what kind of content I'm on, that's none of your business, which should matter. it's like removing all the annoying ads from the document format.
In the end, I'll decide which ads to turn on later, but don't try to make nasty comments like I don't know what I'm asking.
It should be noted that NVDA's built-in document format page does not contain all of the descriptions that NVDA advertises.
If you could get rid of all these annoying document format descriptions, you could get things done a lot faster.
Some of the words that are not included in the document format page are the following:. 
"property page".
"read-only edition".
"Agreement table can be edited".
"can be edited".
"header column header"
"Menu button collapsed."
"expanded menu button".
"menu item".
"view elements".
"space control".

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