Re: Win10 start menu search box keeps saying "suggestions are available"



My recommendation (but more towards a rule) is provide feedback to the vendor before applying workarounds for the time being.

As to how Microsoft was able to resolve this issue quickly: yes, his is a server-side change. But for those unfamiliar: in Windows 10 and 11, Start menu is the local portal to Microsoft Bing. This is why in some cases you may see web results when you perform searches. Not all the user interface are rendered locally, or if it did, it is done after the user interface is rendered via instructions from Microsoft side, and this is the ultimate cause of this issue under discussion.

I was thinking about creating a workaround via Windows App Essentials add-on if the problem persisted this week, but it seems the workaround is not needed (the workaround I have in mind does not require speech dictionary entries at all and will also cover languages other than English).



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