Re: Smarter Playlists web app with drag and drop NVDA addon


From my brief look at the site, and with no demos, I really could not figure out how one manipulated "blocks."

That being said, if in a given context the movement of a "block" is constrained to left/right or up/down the real mouse can be used even without sight if you're willing to try that out.  Strict horizontal movement or vertical movement allows for "sloppy" mouse movement and still gets the job done.

I have grown to hate emulated mouse commands, regardless of the screen reader.  They just don't work as they should on many occasions.

It used to be understood that if you published and profited from a mass media platform you should also be responsible for its content. That idea is nowadays considered quaintly archaic. There is no real accountability, and almost limitless ability to post any kind of ridiculous and scurrilous nonsense. God help us.

       ~ Ross Goldbaum, Letter to the New York Times,

          Regulating Media: It’s Now Seen as a Quaint Idea, November 13, 2022

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