Re: Windows 11 command line/console output acting inconsistently

Jacob Kruger

Ok, that makes more sense - I think when I launch cmd.exe, it's still bringing up the new windows terminal of windows 11 - that machine has updated to 22H2, etc.

And, yes, scanning through those threads, it sounds exactly like what I am experiencing.

Found a workaround for that, for now from the following MS blog page:

Windows terminal is now the default in windows 11 - windows command line

Effectively, it tells you to go into settings, privacy and security, turn on developer mode, and then set windows terminal to use either windows console host, or windows terminal (the new one), or let windows decide for you - and, setting it to windows console host seemed to remove the issue, so, might bookmark this page, and, leave it on that setting for now.


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On 2022/11/23 17:41, Brian Vogel wrote:


Are you talking in native Command Prompt (cmd.exe) or under Windows Terminal?  There has just been a lengthy discussion of an issue similar to the one you describe  on the NVDA  Development and Add-Ons development Groups, if you're talking about Windows Terminal.

See NVDA Development Group: Possible bug in NVDA with Windows Terminal.
and on the Add-Ons development group: Question to Windows Terminal in Windows 11

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