Re: Accessing the Recovery Pane in Excel

Luke Davis

On Nov 22, Brian Vogel wrote:

Bob,This is off-topic here.  I'd suggest you ask about the Excel Recovery Pane in the Microsoft Office Accessibility Discussion Group
Brian, with all possible respect, I am requesting some clarification on this ruling.

My understanding from Bob's question, is that he wants to know how to use NVDA to access part of Excel, or whether a part of Excel is accessible to NVDA. Both of those would seem to be NVDA questions, not Excel questions directly.

If NVDA is not speaking something the way it should, and someone wishes to know how to make NVDA do that, why is that off topic?

I get that there may be a fine line between "how do I do that with NVDA", and "how do I do that in Excel", but he clearly already knows how to do it in Excel, as he explained the steps. What he's trying to figure out is how to do it with NVDA, which instructions may differ significantly from Jaws or Narrator. Or if it can even be done with NVDA,

which are questions I, a generally reasonable person, think an NVDA list should be able to answer.
Since obviously you, also a generally reasonable person, think the opposite, I request clarification. Perhaps my understanding of the issue is in error.

The list homepage states:
The central purpose of this group is discussing how to use NVDA. This includes configuring NVDA's settings or familiarizing oneself with its modes and commands.

Only by determining that NVDA _can_ access that part of Excel, can he even determine whether this is an NVDA usage issue or an Excel usage issue.
If it is an NVDA usage issue specifically, wouldn't that be on topic here, under the "modes and commands" exception to off-topicness?

I asked this publicly because I think this kind of very fine line is often how people get confused about what is and isn't on topic here.
I'm sure you have a very good reason for why this is not on topic, but if I fail to understand it, it's possible others do also.


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