Re: Accessible Typing Test App or Website?

Chris Smart

Click on lessons. Look for buttons with the b and shift+b keys etc.








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How to use Typer online? If I open this site, it only shows some options to choose the theme and change font. I do not have the option to type text.


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I’d like to take a typing test so I can put my typing speed on my resumé. 

Which site or app do you recommend?

I type well already. I just need something that gives me an accurate words per minute score.


I just tried an app called Talking Typer from APH on my iPhone, but it says I am typing sentences and phrases at over 100 wpm. I’m fast, but I don’t think I am that fast. LOL 


Some googling turns up Typio by Accessibyte, but I can’t figure out how to register for a free trial. It seems more geared towards teachers and groups of students. 

Does anyone know how to register there?






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