Re: How to right click using laptop keyboard.

Aravind R

in laptop, insert+right bracket NVDA+] does right click.
please read nvda help tutorial available in its main menu under help

On 3/18/16, Kevin Cussick via
<> wrote:
I did not say I was on a laptop, I said I use the laptop keyboard and
I do this for all computers regardless if it is a desktop or laptop.

On 17/03/2016 22:46, Brian Vogel wrote:
Gene is correct that Shift+F10 generally brings up the context menu for
the item with focus.

You may need to use WinKey+B and left arrow until you know that you're on
the AVG system tray icon before hitting Shift+F10.

Also, you say you're on a laptop. You have the very easy option of
turning the mousepad on and using the hard mouse buttons. I have a number
of clients who cover the actual pointer manipulation area of the mousepad
with a small square of cardboard of the thickness necessary to make it not
recognize any touches on their laptop and who then use the native left and
right click buttons.


nothing is difficult unless you make it appear so.

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