Re: Releasing version 22.12 of Joseph Lee's add-ons #addonrelease


Hi all,

The following add-ons are now being offered via Add-on Updater:

  • Event Tracker 22.12: adds a new unassigned command to review the last 100 events recorded by NVDA (contributed by Thiago Seus).
  • Object Location Tones 22.12: compatibility update.
  • ObjPad 22.12: compatibility and localization updates.
  • Office Desk 22.12: suggestions sounds will be heard once again in NVDA alpha snapshots when searching for things in backstage view in apps such as Word and Excel.

IMPORTANT: older add-on releases will be offered from community add-ons website. To obtain versions released today, please use Add-on Updater and set add-on update source to community add-ons website. I expect to release the last remaining add-on updates either tonight or tomorrow.



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