Re: vocalizer for nvda and jaws

Aravind R

we heard that vocaliser2 version has tamil language also. in eSpeak we
have tamil language but its pronunciation is machine like only. so i'm
eager to listen vocaliser version2 languages of hindi and tamil.

On 10/29/16, Rui Fontes <> wrote:
Do you want Vocalizer for NVDA with the same problems of pronunciation of
Vocalizer for Jaws 18?
In that way, we can release it in a couple of weeks...



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De: Bobby
Data: 29 de outubro de 2016 02:27
Assunto: [nvda] vocalizer for nvda and jaws

Hay I was wondering when the new vocalizer voices will be out for nvda
because they are out for jaws and that’s not fair. If any one can answer
this question I will be very happy.

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