bug: when unchecking the keys not to use as modifiers, they become rechecked upon restarting nvda.

Sarah k Alawami

Can anyone reproduce this?



When nvda is restarted, the use insert key option becomes rechecked even after the user unchecks it.


·         Launch nvda

·         Go to settings

·         Go to keyboard

·         Choose laptop (not sure if desktop will work the same

·         Uncheck insert under the section where it lists 4 check boxes for nvda modifiers.

·         Hit ok

·         Restart nvda



Nvda should not recheck the box for the keys you unchecked


The box becomes rechecked upon restarting nvda


Windows 11 22H2 (x64) build 22621.819

Nonvisual Desktop Access (NVDA)

Version: 2022.3.2


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