Re: Issue when using NVDA on “Touch Keyboard” on Windows 11 Laptop in Tablet Mode ((Laptop is foldable to make tablet without mouse pad or real keyboard)



I see. Allow me to explain what's going on when it comes to NVDA's support for touchscreens:

It is true that when NVDA is on, touchscreens don't work as one would expect. This is not the fault of NVDA- rather, it is the way Windows reconfigures touch gestures when an assistive technology such as a screen reader is active. In Windows 8 and later, Ease of Access (part of Windows) will give priority to NVDA on touchscreen computers when processing touch gestures, similar to the way it works in iOS while VoiceOver is active. This is so that blind users do not activate screen controls by accident while performing touch gestures with a screen reader turned on, as well as to let people explore screen content when swiping with fingers on a touchscreen.

I knew that there are people who would like to perform touch gestures as if NVDA is switched off, so I implemented touchscreen support (interaction) toggle feature in Enhanced Touch Gestures add-on. A while after implementing this feature, I decided that NVDA itself should have this feature, so I asked NV Access to incorporate this feature, and someone added a keyboard command for it as well. Thus Control+Alt+NVDA+T command was born to keep NVDA on while turning off its touch support feature.

As for touch interaction toggle: you won't find this in vision category because it is not a vision setting. Touch interaction toggle setting is shown only on touch capable computers - this has been the standard when Enhanced Touch Gestures carried this feature, and still the same with NVDA having the ability to toggle touch support.

Hope this answers dozens of questions.



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