Re: Not so Strange behaviour with messages in Outlook

Cearbhall O'Meadhra

Hi everyone,

In the last few days NVDA has begun to behave in an unusual way. When I open up an email message in Outlook 2016, the cursor is lying on the second line of every email instead of the first line.

As this line is often blank after an opening greeting or a brief one-line response written on the first line, it gives the impression that the message is empty. So, I have to remember to arrow up once to check the first line of the message every time.

Any ideas why this behaviour is happening?

I am running the latest versions of all my software: NVDA Version 2022.3.2
And the latest Windows 10 on a desktop PC with Outlook 2016.

There have been no updates to cause this behaviour. However, I was recently working with different language settings. Could any of this activity have triggered something?

All comments and suggestions welcome.

All the best,


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