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Hello Gene and others,

The primary website, restricted to premium or basic level members, may
be a major inconvenience if you join to solely help me out with my
issue. I may ask, but seriously doubt, that there is another blind
member of this given site since the issue of submitting a story has
been ongoing for months.
I assume focus mode is for use when text cannot be submitted in browse
mode, or somehow focus mode overrides a given roadblock to
accessibility enjoyed by sighted peers. Is this near correct

I see Brian's interest in the term 'clickable' as this too is used at
the writing site under question; I simply press the enter key on the
choice wanted to review stories or participate in forums.

Overall, the sites I am experiencing this issue require registration
and membership to be a participant. They require engaging with others
first before you can submit something that others will engage with
you. Credits are earned each time you engage until you arrive at a
total then allowing you to submit.
Thanks, and I apologize for prolonging this topic. This will be likely
my last entry on the matter. Thanks!

David C. Russell, Author
Forgiveness is the final form of love.
Reinhold Niebuhr

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