Re: Befuttled


When instructing on something, simplifying is fine if it doesn't result in a misunderstanding of how to do something.  For example, I might show someone how to use the start menu search to open a program and not go into how to use the run dialog to do so until later.  But that isn't leading people to believe something can't be done, it just isn't going into something at a certain time.

You said, "It is there to let you read its content, nothing else." That is incorrect and would lead someone who is learning web navigation basics to believe that you have to go into focus mode to activate a button and the person might wonder why links can be followed in browse mode.  That is something else you can do.


On 11/30/2022 3:45 PM, Nermin via wrote:
Hi Gene,

I just wanted to simplify things a bit, and I'm well aware that you can manipulate checkboxes being in browse mode.

But one step at a time...



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