Brian, you may be interested to know that since 31 July 2016, it is a legal requirement for all NHS facilities to send appointments by email in plain text if requested. That is not to say that it is that easy - I am currently pursuing a complaint against my health authority for not having the the facilities in place to meet the deadline. This was a directive issued by NHS England on 3 July 2015 for an Accessible Information Standard. You can read the full details here: The relevant documents are in both pdf and word format to download.

It would appear that a lot of health authorities have not met the deadline, mine didn't even seem to know about it, so it would be worth while everyone insisting on email appointments to force the NHS to pull their fingers out to get this sorted as quickly as possible.


On 29/10/2016 10:29, Brian's Mail list account wrote:
A Word of warning though, If theĀ  text is not tagged for its reading order if the format alters anywhere in the file, then you will be most likely to get columns running together and all sorts of other odd things when you convert it however you do it.
Far too many government pdfs are protected these days. There seems to be a bit of paranoia, at least in the UK with this.
as for OCR well, much depends on the quality of the scanned image. I have been attempting to ocr things like appointment letters from NHS recently with mixed results. Their printer must be ex Flintstones I imagine.

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