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I'm wondering if someone can help. I've recently bought IFL and there are a hole host of scripts that it's installed in the start menu to create the boot environment. Does anyone know the specific name of the script I need to click on to generate the win PE with narrator support in the terabyte unlimited folder?

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On 08/12/2022 15:20, Brian Moore wrote:

Hi. Well, like most, as part of the installer, it installs the script to create the windows Pe boot media. However, it does have narrator which I think PE does by default now. I hhave never had occasion to build it from any other source lately but that one works.


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On 2022-12-08 9:43 a.m., Brian Vogel wrote:
On Thu, Dec 8, 2022 at 04:31 AM, Brian Moore wrote:
I have used IFW's boot media with narrator which is built in to do restores with no issues.
Do the folks at Terabyte, the makers of Image For Windows, ship the boot media with the product, or is it like most others in that the software has you build your recovery boot media once you've got the backup software installed?

I ask because any boot media for a backup and recovery suite I've ever used has been built on the machine after the suite has been installed, and relies directly on Windows PE as it comes from Microsoft.  I would be thrilled to learn that Windows PE is now shipping with Narrator as part of it, as this would make doing a recovery for a machine with a failed drive possible without sighted assistance.  But I have not recently built recovery boot media or tried firing it up to see if Narrator is now a part of it by default.

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