Re: Changing NVDA key


Hi Gene

I press Windows B and then arrow up to find NVDA, but when I press the context menu key along from the space bar, I only get the usual list of options such as describe image and so on. What am I doing wrong, please?


On 12/12/2022 09:19, Gene wrote:
Move to the system tray, Windows key b.
Move to the NVDA icon and open the context menu.
then proceed as you normally would to the keyboard layout.  Just as when you open the NVDA menu with the insert key, you are opening exactly the same menu this way.

On 12/12/2022 2:33 AM, AKH AKH wrote:
Just put NVDA on new laptop, but there's no insert key. How do I set 'shift lock' as the key - as I can't get to the NVDA settings, as far as I know without doing insert, control and N?


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