NVDA SPL add on hotkey--does it exist?

Roger Stewart

A friend of mine needs to know how to find the start time for the last track in a given playlist. She says the JAWS scripts have this.  The only way I could tell her how to get this info is to just do a CTRL + End to get to the last track in the playlist and then arrow to the right until she hears "Time Scheduled.  This will work, but she says she needs an instant way to get to this info as it will change with announcements  and additional tracks from user requests along the way. She says this info is available from SPL itself and is not dependent on the JAWS scripts at all. Is there any quick hotkey that will do this?  I don't know of this if it exists. There are so many features of this add on, and I don't use nearly all of them but it does everything I need.  If this hotkey is there, I'd appreciate knowing what it is, or maybe it is there but is undefined and she can assign any hotkey she wants but I couldn't find this in the documentation of the help files.



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