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Bhavya shah

Hi Richard,
Bearing in mind that a 30 day trial is available, can't I just create
a disk image and store it on an external flashdrive within a period of
30 days? Is it necessary for the same program to be present to recover
contents from that image, or can the backup extraction be performed
via other utilities?
I have an unclear understanding of backup software, therefore am
unaware of the pertinence of a backup utility such as the one
recommended to the extraction of data from that disk image. I would
really appreciate some light to be shed in this regard.

On 11/1/16, Richard Kuzma via <rmkuzma@...> wrote:
Good morning,

I use a program called image for windows.

It is not free although,

It works perfectly fine and is nvda friendly.

It is a disk imaging utility and backups your entire drive to a single

And it is mountable as a usb drive once it is complete.

The program costs around thirty nine dollars and when I boght it it came
with a three pc licence.

They do offer a thirty day trial.

Let me know if this helps out.


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