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I have probably mentioned this before, but I would just like to do so again since this is quite a big issue.


I would like to report that, although MS Word mentions formatting such as bold, italics and underline when Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I or ctrl+U are pressed respectively, MS Excel does not do this.  When pressing the above-mentioned keys in MS Excel, NVDA stays silent and when one presses Insert+F NVDA either says "no formatting information" or mentiones everything else but what one wants to know.


Furthermore, when pressing Enter in Excel, NVDA speeks when it feels like it.  Sometimes it mentions the cell address and sometimes not.  It would help if it always speaks the cell address, since one can easily get lost otherwise.


We are using the newest Windows 10 and Office 2010 with NVDA 2016.3 at work.  I am using the newest Master copy of NVDA and I still experience these issues.


Thank you for attending to this matter.


Kind regards




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