Re: Changing the way symbols are spoken

Andre Fisher

1. The symbols Pronunciation dialog...Preferences menu
2. The Voice settings dialog...Capital pitch percentage

On 11/2/16, Juan Hernandez <> wrote:
Hello All,

I have two questions.

1. How can I change the way semicoallens are spoken? When reading
code in my programming softwares, NVDA speaks semi instead of semicoallen.
This isn’t a huge deal, but I would like to change it. I found the place to
change punction how it is spoken, and so when I am up/down arrowing through
the lines of code, it works great, but when I left/right arrow over it it
still speaks semi. Also when I press the semicoallen key, it says semi; how
can I change this? Or can I even change it through the config interface? Or
will I have to change it in the code?

2. How can I change the pitch of the capital letters?



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