Re: Silent nvda during windows updates

Louis Maher

What I do is to have narrator always start at the logon screen, and have my screen reader talk after the logon has finished.





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Subject: [nvda] Silent nvda during windows updates



I don't know if what I am about to describe is expected behaviour or a bug.


When an update for windows 10 or 11 is available and it is downloaded, a restart is required.


As far as I understand, the prossess is in 2 parts.

Before the restart and after the restart.

Before the restart of the computer, nvda should start talking from the secured screen and give us the update progress.

We can check the progress by starting narrator, but I don't see why nvda doesn't talk.

Sometimes, when starting narator, nvda might start talking together with narrator but I don't understand why it doesn't talk on its own.

Things work as expected after the restart, where nvda speaks everything, for example you are 35 percent there, leave your computer on etc.


As far as I understand, we should be able to know the progress before the restart as well, because this first part is usually the longest.

For example with bigg updates such as windows 22h2 etc.


Do you think it is a valid expectation from me?

Is it a bug or can I do something to get speetch from nvda during the update prossess?


Happy holidays to everyone and a happy new year.

Many thanks


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