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Clare Page <>

Even though SkypeTalking is no longer being developed, it still works well with NVDA: I can bear withness to that as I use SkypeTalking all the time with Skype myself.
Personally, I see nothing wrong with advertising SkypeTalking, as it still works, but if the moderators feel differently, I'll understand if they remove the SkypeTalking info from the footer of each NVDA list email.
Just my two cents on the subject as a SkypeTalking user, but I totally understand the other point of view!
Bye for now!
From Clare

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From: Joseph Lee []
Sent: jeudi 3 mars 2016 06:37
Subject: Re: [nvda] footer

Last thing I heard, that project is alive and well. If that project is truly outdated (no longer maintained), we'll remove it from the footer.

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From: Artin Dekker []
Sent: Wednesday, March 2, 2016 9:35 PM
Subject: [nvda] footer

In the footer is a link to SkypeTalking while this is an outdated project.

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