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Plus 1 to Gene's post. This seems like it could be a way to stop
progress, if noone questioned things or asked for more. Would there
really be a drive to do more?

On 11/4/16, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
I don't think people should censor themselves in terms of discussing
features or criticisms from gratitude. Where should such gratitude prevail
or tone down criticism and where not? I've done many volunteer
presentations over many years on many topics related to blind people using
computers and programs. I most emphatically do not want gratitude to stop
legitimate and civil discussion and criticism of my work. I can't speak for
the developers but I will say that for myself, I find the let's be so
grateful that we tone down or don't criticize position to be disturbing and
counterproductive. Appreciativeness is one thing. Gratitude, if taken too
far, can be distructive.

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Hello All:

As I read all the various wish list post here on the list I wish to
remind all of our users on this list that NVDA is a project maintained
by a handful of developers and not some big software company like the
other screen readers which need not be mentioned at this time.

There are many of you that at times complain about NVDA being too
slow on your older machines. Do you have an understanding that the
bigger NVDA gets filled with all of your requested features the bigger
it will get and the slower it will become!

For a while now it has been mentioned on this list that users
should be able to have access to more than one screen reader. Even if it
is a demo version because some programs will work better with other
screen readers than with NVDA!

And finally, if you want NVDA to work with older Windows Operating
Systems you need to be realistic in your expectations as far as how many
new features can be added to NVDA that can be supported by older Windows
Operating Systems?

In conclusion: Be grateful for what you have with NVDA! And be
more considerate of the Gentlemen who so willingly/lovingly give of
their time to make NVDA possible for all of us to use!!!

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