Re: access keys and key tutorial

Jeremy <icu8it2@...>

I'm fairly certain that it does this by default. At least when I've done fresh installs of NVDA, I typically have to turn off the announcement of shortcut keys for things like the file menu in the menu bar, items inside those menus, such as control+s when I move to save file, etc.
I'm not sure weather it works as well in 10 as it always did in 7 for me, as I usually have those options toggled off now, but either way, as a default, NVDA is configured to announce quite a bit as you move through the environment.
I may also be missing exactly what you are asking for though, so my apologies if so.

On 11/4/2016 6:42 AM, Josh Kennedy wrote:
In a future NVDA I would like to see a verbosity option. Like in jaws if its set to beginner jaws says stuff like menu bar, and leaving menus when you exit menus or a menu bar. When you are in a list view it tells you what keys to press to navigate it, with edit boxes and other controls it does the same thing. This would help new computer users.

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