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No good deed ever goes unpunished, Brian V. Just life on this earthly plane.

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On Wed, Jan 4, 2023 at 07:00 PM, Jackie wrote:

He's devoted much of his time to serving blind folks over the years, and
for most of it, he doesn't receive compensation, or at
least not the compensation he should.
You really have no idea how hearing something like this warms the cockles of
my heart, and particularly from someone I respect.  The flip side (not
because of you, though) is that nagging irritation at the fact that very few
seem to recognize just how much time and work I've put into all this
support, over many years now, sans any financial remuneration.  It seems
like often, and to many, what I do counts for nothing.  "You're sighted,
what could you know . . .," echoes in the distance, or, even worse, "You
only say that because you're sighted," which makes my blood boil.

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