Re: Weather Plus 4.2 update available

Ron Canazzi

Hi Adriano,

Thanks for the recent Weather Plus Update.  I sure wish I knew why the barometric readings are always wrong for my zip code/location.  They are still always about .6 to .7 Inches too low.

On 11/5/2016 7:11 AM, Adriano Barbieri via wrote:
Hi there,
Version 4.2
* Added 5 new sound effects;
It will be necessary to update them from the settings of the plugin.
* Fixed bug in the import function;
The list of cities was not sorted alphabetically.
* Added import mode in the import function; you may decide to completely replace your own list, or simply add new cities to it.
* Updated the reading of the weather forecast, current weather report;
Adding the perceived temperature (wind chill).
* Added new strings to the list weather reports.
Adriano Barbieri

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