NVDA and excel locking up and freezing

Cearbhall O'Meadhra



I regularly use Excel 206 with NVDA – latest update on Windows 10.


Lately, excel freezes when I type a text string into a cell in a spreadsheet containing 500 rows and 26 columns. This happens when the cells are all filled with formulas or even when the cells have all been converted to values and no longer contain formulas.


When excel freezes this way, NVDA is totally locked up as well. I have no function for about 10 or 15 minutes, until Excel has finished whatever madness it is going through, and releases the operating system.


I have read that this can happen when there are a number of formulas because Excel has to check every formula in case it relates to the material that has been entered in the current cell before the stoppage. However, I find the behaviour inconsistent, as I described above, in which the formulas are no longer present.


Has anyone else experienced this?

Do you know of any precautions I can take to avoid this happening?


All comments and suggestions very welcome.


All the best,




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