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Cearbhall O'Meadhra

Thanks for the thought Luke but I do have automatic calculation turned off. I agree with you, this used to be a major hold up of progress last year.

I appreciate your point about "latest" in general. However, I think this behaviour is not so much a flaw in the program as some handling issue on my own part.

Anyway, it is definitely not and NVDA issue. I only raise it here because I know that there are many expert excel users on the list.

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On Jan 11, Cearbhall O'Meadhra wrote:

I regularly use Excel 206 with NVDA – latest update on Windows 10.
No offense, but "latest" is a word that nobody who gives technical support pays any attention to. All of us have heard too many times someone say "latest", only to find out that their update mechanism broke, or for some other reason they weren't really on the actual latest, or that some other variable made their latest be different than somebody else's latest.
Please, everyone, use actual digits to give your versions, not the word latest.
The same goes for "Windows 10": there are so many possible versions of Windows 10, that just saying "Windows 10" is mostly uninformative. Please run winver and get the actual version.

Lately, excel freezes when I type a text string into a cell in a
spreadsheet containing 500 rows and 26 columns. This happens when the cells are all filled with formulas or even when the cells have all been converted to values and no longer contain formulas.
While I don't know why it would happen in the second case (more on that below), one thing I would suggest is turning off automatic calculation. If you set your sheets to manual mode, and use F9 to recalculate, this might solve your problem, even in the mysterious second case of no formulas.

Here is an article you might find useful if you decide to play with auto vs.
manual calculation:

Now, for the no formula case: leaving aside the question of whether there are formulas somehow hiding on the page, or in some linked sheet, or some such:
have you tried running Excel in safe mode?
It could be some kind of add-in causing this.

To start in safe mode: Press Windows+R, and type:
excel /safe

Then open your file from within Excel.

Also, please run the COM Registration Fixing Tool of NVDA (NVDA+N, T, R, follow the prompts, ignore the absurd warning message).
That is unlikely to help, but it won't hurt.

Lastly, since we don't yet know for sure that this is an Excel problem rather than an NVDA problem, you might consider setting your log level to debug in NVDA, and providing a log showing one of these Excel freezes in action. Off list, of course, and only if none of the above help.

However the common thread between Excel freezing and Firefox freezing as you reported in another message, might be NVDA. It also might be your hardware, or something corrupted in Windows, so do follow Brian's Windows repair suggestions, especially the easy ones of SFC and DISM.

If you pay attention to when these freezes happen, are they more likely to happen after the computer has been operational for many hours, or do they sometimes happen right after a restart?

Can you list your NVDA add-ons?


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