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matthew dyer


I had a windows 8.1 laptop with 32 gb of storage and it was not worth it. I had to reset the machine just to get windows 10 to een install and even then the 1607 would not even install even after a clean reset. I would go with something more storage if you can as you might be bettter off.


On 11/06/2016 08:48 AM, Brian's Mail list account wrote:
I think thebiggest issue would be that windows itself on that amount of ram might be a bit limited itself. also I'd get a wireless keyboard as my one experience of trying nvda with touch was that its not very usable for whatever reason.
Mind you I might just be a bit biased against touch screens...:-)

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Hi, Kenny,

I think NVDA should be able to run on it ok. Maybe someone else can jump
in and correct me if I'm wrong.


On 11/5/2016 9:34 PM, Kenny Peyattt jr. wrote:

Hi I am thinking about getting a windows tablet, and I was thinking
about getting the nextbook tablet from Walmart. It has windows 10 home
adition on it, and it comes with 2 gigs of ram. How well will nvda run
with 2 gigs of ram in a windows tablet?

Kenny Peyatt jr.

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