Re: Requesting NVDA Direct DownLoad Links and Tutorials


nvda appreciate donations and benefit from donations of this users.
if you go to nvda website and press enter on download link, you can
select the amount of your donation and help improving nvda.
and even you can select skip donation this time to donate later.
but if you want to use nvda 2016.1 direct link for download, here is the link.

On 3/18/16, Louis Maher <> wrote:
The NVDA home page, including downloads is:


The NVDA tutorial page is:



Louis Maher

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From: Jardata Learning Center []
Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2016 11:36 PM
Subject: [nvda] Requesting NVDA Direct DownLoad Links and Tutorials

Hello there Fello listers!

I am interested in giving NVDA a try to add to my ScreenReader resources
would appreciate direct download links for the following programs to get me
started in securing and learning this ScreenReader:

(1) NVDA2016.1.

(2) DNVDA Addons Web Site.

(3) Latest Audio or text NVDA Tutorials you may have or know of and are
willing to share that I could use to learn how to use NVDA.


James Arthur Robinson, Sr., President
Jardata Corporation

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