Re: Screen Shots with NVDA

Brian Moore

Hi. shift print screen will copy a shot of the current screen to the clipboard to do with as you please after that. it is a graphic so won't read once you put it somewhere but it does work. I use this all the time at work for bug tracking to show people what I am talking about.
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On 11/07/2016 7:34 AM, David Russell wrote:
Hello NVDA Group,

I am a freelance writer by avocation, and a particular work assignment
asked for a "screen to be printed, e.g. coupon" for a given business."
I assumed this to mean a screen shot. I know how to insert html links,
but is there a similar keyboard shortcut for inserting screen shots?

I am a totally blind user, Windows 7 machine, NVDA and FireFox as
browser. Thanks.

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