Re: Is it recommended for a new nvda user to start with win 10 or win 11?

Ravindran V.S.

Hi Brian,

How do we turn ON TPM in a PC?

I have a I5 Dell Desktop.

Appreciate if you could kindly give a step by step guidance if possible.

And should this be done for every Windows 11 updates for the specific machine?

Thanks in advance.



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On Tue, Jan 10, 2023 at 10:45 PM, Chris Smart wrote:

You will want to download and run Microsoft's PC Health Check application.

Never a bad idea (and the link should be shown in Settings, Update & Security, Windows Update Pane).  That being said, Window Update under Windows 10 has been checking compatibility of the hardware for some time, and there should be a message in the Windows Update Pane indicating that the device is eligible for upgrade to Windows 11, or not.

My incompatible laptops have a very prominent box on that pane that has this as its first line:  This PC doesn't currently meet the minimum system requirements to run Windows 11.  In that same box is the link Get PC Health Check.  It is possible that a machine may not meet those requirements because TPM is not turned on, as but one example, so if you have this message definitely get the PC Health Check, run it, and see if you can actually make tweaks to get it to be eligible.

Since I have no un-upgraded machine that does qualify here that I can check, I can't say what the message is on hardware that is eligible but has not, as yet, been upgraded.

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