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How do  I do a left mouse click as you suggest, please.

When I press enter the button still says collapsed and nothing on the page changes.

On 19/01/2023 13:59, JM Casey wrote:

You can try the left mouse click, or numpad /, and see if that does anything.
When it says "collapsed", yes, it means you have to press the button to expand a menu or something similar. Therefore, it's possible that you pressing enter does in fact have an effect, but you are not seeing it. The expanded items are usually right "underneath" where the button to expand them is, but sometimes perhaps they aren't. Next time you press the button, see if it still says "collapsed", then look around the page and see if anything looks different.

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Usually I can just press enter on a button and it works, but on one website, NVDA tells me it is a button and it is collapsed. I try pressing enter or space bar but they have no impact. Are there other ways of getting that button to work or un-collapsing the items plese. I don't know much about using the mouse?


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