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I'm using a laptop.

Some progress made, but I've not solved it yet. I read the ribbons article and used Alt with down arrow to get to the menu associated with that button. however, although I could arrow up and down the list of options I could not select any menu items to go to the next stage? Here is the UK site, but I think you have to put in a postcode in order to get to the button I am stuck on - the button I want to click on is the one that asks me to select  items to donate. If you want to try then put in the postcode TR11 5HP

Thanks so much in anticipation


On 19/01/2023 14:14, Brian Vogel wrote:

On Thu, Jan 19, 2023 at 09:05 AM, AKH AKH wrote:
How do  I do a left mouse click as you suggest, please.
JM wrote, "You can try the left mouse click, or numpad /," which already gave you the NVDA keystroke for emulated left mouse click.

I suspect you're dealing with a split button, and Gene Asner covers those quite nicely in his tutorial: Using Ribbons to Control Program Functions in Microsoft Windows - G. Asner

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