Re: cloning hard drives with NVDA

Jeremy <icu8it2@...>

You can't make a clone of a larger hard drive and fit it into a smaller one, rather, you need to shrink the partition that contains the stuff you wish to mirror down to a size that fits inside the new hd and then regrow the partition, once you've cloned it. Shrink the NTFS partition inside windows, make an image of it using the free version of ActivAT inside the talking PE, write the created image to the new disk, also using ActivAT and attempt to boot back into windows again. If you are able to boot into windows, regrow the partition to fit the new disk again. Once you've regrown the partition to fit the SSD, make an image of it, once again using ActivAT, so you don't have to go through the process if you decide to restore the image, later on.
The PE should also contain the tools necessary to fix any issues with the MBR, but you may not need them. Out of all the different options that I looked into, to try and do the same thing, clonezilla and whatever else, this was the easiest.

On 11/7/2016 8:50 PM, Josh Kennedy wrote:
I just got a new computer. I installed macrium reflect. NVDA, and the OCR addon. I have a 240gig regular hard drive in this laptop. The drive only has about 25gb of stuff including the operating system. When I try cloning the larger 250gig drive to the smaller 120gig ssd it says not enough space. How do I fix this? Or will I just have to put in the new ssd and do a clean install?


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