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Marisane Moruthanyana

Hi man


I tried the first step, that of entering the folder and invoking the context sensitive menu with the application key but to no avail.


You are getting too technical with the second step.


How to activate a command line prompt?





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One small thing you can try first is to enter the folder under windows/file explorer, but, before doing anything else, invoke context menu, arrow up to view sub-menu, open it, and make sure list is the selected item/option.


Think that should work on most versions of windows, or if it's an older one, then invoke the view menu, and, again, look for list.


Besides that, you might otherwise need to use a command line prompt to turn off hidden attribute, etc. on those files if they're there.


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On 2016-11-08 10:41 PM, Marisane Moruthanyana wrote:

Evening guys


I hope you are all well from wherever you are.


I am stuck and confused.


I use nvda as my screen reader.


I copied files and folders from a sd card (8 gb)


I am sure that they are there, because I can play them with vlc or winamp by pressing the application key and choose the application by which I want them to play.


However, when I open the folder in which I expect them  to be located, I cannot find them.


I only find them by searching for them with windows.


What is happening?


Why the folder empty though files / folders are seemingly there?


How to activate the windows explorer for me to see the files / folders the normal way?


Your help is appreciated in advance.




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