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Hey thanks for this great addon. I did want to mention that there are some issues with the English help document though. The word puissance, though it is also an English word, means nothing on the keyboard. I think it's supposed to mean control, as in control+2. "If setting this delay does not solve the problem, you can disable this autoplay via the Shift+control+2 / Options menu for the main window / separate playback window:"

AltGr+Accent I'm not sure what this is supposed to be, possibly alt+` pronounced grawv but spelled grave which on American English keyboards is to the left of the number 1, just above the tab key. We don't have an accent key at all, shift+` is ~ and spelled tilde but pronounced tilda in English. It must be very tricky to make an addon that works with all languages' keyboards.

Shawn Klein

On 1/23/2023 8:29 AM, Pierre-Louis R. wrote:

Hi José and All,

I had a lot of work to adapt the addon to gitHub which is a new world for me. Now it's done, ThunderbirdPlus is now on my gitHub repository.
Building the .nvda-addon file works with the scons command.

Here are the links:

Download Release  :

gitHub Repos :


Pierre-Louis R.

Le 10-01-23 à 17:46, José Manuel Delicado Alcolea via a écrit :

Hi Pierre,

First of all, congratulations for this great add-on. Thank you very much for localizing it in another languages. I have a few questions:

- We would like to review and register it in our add-ons directory, Do you have a GitHub repo, or at least an https link for downloading this add-on? Without https, some browsers may block the download from external websites.

- I have seen two comparisons with Mozilla Apps Enhancements in your introduction. Have you considered collaborating with Javi, instead of creating another independent add-on for the same application? I understand that language is a significant barrier, but I'm sure there are many people willing to help.


El 10/01/2023 a las 9:37, Pierre-Louis R. escribió:

I would like to introduce you to my addon "Thunderbird+" which exists in French for several years but which has only recently been localized in English.

So, sorry for my English,  my native language is French.

Thunderbird+ improves the accessibility, efficiency and convenience of using Thunderbird with NVDA.
You probably know the "Mozilla Apps Enhancements" addon: this one  offers many more features for Thunderbird :

• Hearing comfort:
◦ Alerts "so-and-so has asked to be notified when you read this message." can be disabled by an option;
◦ "This is a draft" alert are ignored and "Thunderbird thinks this message is fraudulent" alerts are replaced by a sound ;
◦ Options make it possible to deactivate the announcement of the names of mailing lists, to delete or group the mentions "RE" and to purify the names of the correspondents by deleting the numbers and other awkward special characters;
• Improved navigation. :
◦ Moving to the next panel is done using the TAB key while the escape key allows you to return to the previous panel. This is more comfortable than F6 and Shift+F6.
◦ Two dialog accounts and their associated folders allows to filter them by keyword or to display only folders with unread messages;
◦ In the folder tree, alt+down arrow and Alt+up arrow allow you to navigate between folders with unread messages;
◦ Still in the folder tree, typing a letter or a number selects the next folder whose name begins with the character typed. With the Shift key, the movement is from bottom to top. Additionally, the name of the account the folder belongs to is announced;
◦ The Space bar on a folder with unread messages selects the first unread message in the list;
◦ In the message list, three modes for Reading the text of messages without leaving the list:
▪ Clean quick preview of message text with space, Alt+down arrow or F4: large block headers in message quotes are replaced with the phrase "Sender's name wrote". NVDA will also announce "clickable link" instead of the long link address.
▪ quick preview of quotes in their chronological order, from bottom to top, via Shift+Space, Alt+up arrow or Shift+F4;
◦ Easy access to attachments using the shortcut Alt+PageDown or the number 1 on the alpha-numeric keyboard;
• Window for writing a message:
◦ Expanded Headers reading : Alt+1 announces the Sender, Alt+2 the recipient, Alt+3 attachments, etc. Two presses places the focus on one of these fields;
◦ In the spell check dialog:
▪ the misspelled word is announced before the suggested word. NVDA+Tab or Alt+up arrow shortcuts announce misspelled and replacement words: 1 press spells the words at normal speed, 2 presses spells them fast, 3 presses copies the misspelled word to the clipboard for analysis in another edit field;
▪ various combinations of the enter key operate the Replace, Replace All, Ignore buttons,Ignore all or Add word to dictionary have been added to make this dialog more comfortable;
• Quick filter bar made accessible and tag management simplified. :
◦ It is possible to navigate among Filter options using the vertical arrows. The Enter key allows you to check or uncheck an option;
◦ adding or removing labels is done by simply pressing Shift+a number on the alphanumeric keyboard. For example, press 4 to add the label "To do" to a message. You can then filter the list of messages by tags via the quick filter bar which is now accessible;
• Miscellaneous Features:
◦ The choice of columns as well as their layout in the list of messages is made accessible through a simple dialog;
◦ Reading of the columns of the list of messages: allows you to listen again, spell or easily copy the name of the sender, the subject or the date of a message by pressing a number on the alphanumeric keyboard: for example, 1 or & announces the sender, 2 presses spells the name and 3 presses copies it to the clipboard;
◦ Consultation of the headers of the headers pane displayed with F8: with Alt+a number, 1 press speaks a header containing the addresses of the sender or the recipients, 2 presses opens a dialog allowing them to be copied, 3 presses opens the context menu native Thunderbird associated with the header;
• Automatic add-on update;
• And many other things that you will discover by reading complete documentation;

Download and install
If the "Mozilla Apps Enhancements by Javie Dominguez" add-on is installed on your computer, you must first disable it before installing Thunderbird+:

Download Thunderbird+ v4.3.3 for Thunderbird 102 only;
Complet documentation on the web ;
It is also available by pressing control+f1 in the Thunderbird's window.

Additonnaly,  a friend is working on a nnative  Thunderbird addon which offers a very fast  list of folders with unread messages. To use it, Visit the Chichi'sPage
Note : Thunderbird+ and Chichi can work together.

Sincerely, good use,

Pierre-Louis, GMT+1

José Manuel Delicado Alcolea
Equipo de gestión web y desarrollo

Asociación Comunidad Hispanohablante de NVDA
- Tel.: (+34) 910 05 33 25 ext. 2001
- jm.delicado@...
- @nvda_es

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