Re: NVDA and reading PDF files, whether in Adobe Reader DC or Edge (or another reader of your choosing)

JM Casey

I have found that something Adobe does does make the programme appear unresponsive while it is processing. This is at its worst when Acrobat is performing OCR, where it seems to use resources in such a way that the computer appears to lock up while the processing is happening. I now use Abbyy and it’s better.

If you change the setting in Adobe to show single page or something like that, it will open a lot faster, but then some key features will simply not work, so I prefer not to do this.

I generally don’t use Adobe at all unless I have to fill something out, now. I just convert to another format that imo is better to read. For me, .txt is fine most of the time actually, especially as I dump stuff into my old braille notetaker to avoid having to listen to speech.



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I suspect that I have either forgotten something simple or something on my machine has gone wack-a-doodle that I need to fix.

If I open a PDF document in Adobe Reader DC, I get the usual message about a screen reader being detected and asking if I want to prepare the file for reading.  I've answered in the affirmative and that occurs.  However, when that processing is going on I often get a "Not Responding" from Adobe Reader for an extended period of time (and I've got the 64-bit version).  In addition, I cannot seem to reliably make NVDA do a say all no matter what I do.

While I'm not getting any "Not Responding" if I open in Edge, I am still finding it well nigh impossible to get NVDA to read the PDF that is open in the browser.

I seldom deal with PDFs with the screen reader, so I may be forgetting something simple as well.  Is there a secret trick or several secret tricks that I need to do in advance of hitting INSERT + Down Arrow to get NVDA to read a PDF in Adobe Reader or Edge.

As an aside, if you have alternative PDF readers (or editors) that you prefer when dealing with PDF files please offer their names.

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