What's your preferred accessible text editor?

Jason White

Dear NVDA users,

I'm new to the list, though you may recognize me from other screen reader and
accessibility-related lists, especially if you use Linux, a Mac, Chrome OS or
JAWS for Windows, or if you used Android a few years ago.

For those of you who write source code, or documents in formats such as HTML,
LaTeX or Markdown, what text editor do you find most convenient and accessible
in the Windows environment? I'm particularly interested in automatic
indentation and formatting of source code.

I've found good solutions on other platforms, but I'm yet to settle on a
satisfactory choice under Microsoft Windows. I am an Emacs enthusiast, so one
option would be to run Emacs in a terminal, but I'm keen to find out what
others recommend. For general text editing, EdSharp is reasonable, but it
doesn't have, for instance, Git integration.

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