Re: Dictation bridge for nvda

Pranav Lal


As of now, the add-on is not working. One option for you is to use talon voice control.

The project is not dead per se though I have not had time to work on it.


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Subject: [nvda] Dictation bridge for nvda

Hi guys

I remember there was work on the dictation bridge add on a few years back is that project still going?

It looks as though it has not been updated.

I just downloaded the add on and it is in compatible with the latest version of NVDA

Is it a matter of adding in the extra information into the manifest file
to make it work with the atest version of NVDA?

The reason I ask for is a person asked about using nvda with voice but I
think it was more for saying speaking up a document? or could it also do
some nvda stuff when it was going?

The link to the page is

This was the only add on I could think of or is there another floating
around that might do the same as it did?

Gene nz

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