Re: converting a long time eloquence user

Pranav Lal

Hi all,

I am really curious about the voice called max. I tried read and agree with those who say that it has a head cold. <grin I have been using max for a long time with espeak and for me, it works nicely.

Read is louder and has more power for sure.


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If Reed and Mike2 didn't sound like they both had head colds, I think I would use either one of them. No they don't sound like anything else out there, but to me that's not as big of a deal as getting something that's halfway pleasant to listen to. To me though, while I can live with E-Speak, I agree with Gene that it won't sound ideal without a complete redesign.

On 1/31/23, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
That is your reaction to the speech but I don't think it represents
anything like a majority.


On 1/31/2023 8:11 AM, Josh Kennedy wrote:
the franklin dictionary used bestSpeech or keynote. same thing really.
It was a synthesizer out of the mid 1980s. I'm not saying espeak
should sound like decTalk or keynote or bestSpeech. I'm simply saying
that those particular settings that I previously mentioned sound the
most pleasant to me because that combination of settings reminds me
of the bestSpeech or keynote tts I used in the early 90s. Personally
I really like Reed espeak variant based on klatt6 with it set to
60 or 70, speed 10 with rate boost on, inflection 30 pitch 50 volume
100. I don't need it to sound like decTalk or bestSpeech exactly it
sounds fine just how I have set it or adjusted it.
I made the same adjustments to espeak on my iphone and plan to do the
same when I get a samsung android phone.

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