Unified English Braille Table Improvement

Sharni-Lee Ward


Earlier this year I requested certain improvements to the Unified
English Braille table in NVDA,which showed some inconsistencies to me
when I was reading with my Braille Display. Joseph made a master build
which I used for a little while, but it's now very outdated and there
was also an error which caused NVDA and my entire computer to freeze
while I was writing. I am hoping to make use of my Braille Display again
in the future, but I need an up-to-date master version with the Braille
Table improvements I mentioned at first, plus any others that may have
been implemented in such builds since I first brought this up back in March.

If I could be pointed to the appropriate build, I would sincerely
appreciate it. I have had eleven years to get used to UEB and now I no
longer feel comfortable with any other system, but some characters
display very strangely in current NVDA and it's very jarring when reading.

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